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Get up to speed fast on Outlook, Calendars, Tasks and People
Posted by Richard McElrath on 07/05/2016 12:25 PM

Learn how to use the new Outlook email; including managing messages, calendars, tasks, contacts and features with full helpdesk support, knowledgebase articles and some videos in these featured topics:


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Leveraging Lecture Capture
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 12/04/2015 03:46 PM

The Teaching and Learning Center, located in College Hall 113, is introducing a new lecture capture system.  Our lecture capture system is an innovative way for educators to record themselves or guest speakers giving a lecture or presentation.  The recorded presentation will be saved to the campus' streaming media server, Ensemble, and the recording can then be linked to or embedded into other online platforms including Blackboard and/or Hawksites.

Practice sessions are now being offered through the Teaching and Learning Center for any faculty member who is interested. For questions about learning or using lecture capture, please email us at

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Loaner Laptops: Keeping You Connected!
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 12/04/2015 02:02 PM

The loaner laptop program has officially launched! This program is available to students via the Academic Computing Help Desk (HUM103) and to faculty through the Teaching and Learning Center (CH113).  

Students can go to Humanities 103 and sign out a laptop for a short term loan while they are waiting for their personal devices to be serviced. Loaner laptops are available on a first come, first served basis; students must go to HUM 103 to check availability with help desk staff.

Faculty can sign out laptops for short term or long term use through the Teaching and Learning Center loaner program.  To check for availability, faculty should send an email to    

Please note, computers cannot be reserved in advance through either program and are subject to availability.

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Welcome to Hawksites
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 12/04/2015 09:37 AM

"Hawksites" is now available to all SUNY New Paltz students and faculty. This WordPress-based website is geared towards educational uses including personal portfolios, personal blogs, and professional webpages.  Additionally, faculty can use Hawksites as a Blackboard alternative; if you are a faculty member and are interested in using Hawksites for course purposes, please email the Teaching and Learning Center at

If you’re interested in getting started with Hawksites, you can begin by going to Simply login with your official New Paltz credentials to begin your first site (the same username and password you use for Blackboard or your account).

We encourage you to log on now and get acquainted with all the different features Hawksites has to offer. For questions or issues with Hawksites, please email us at

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Featured Services: VDI and the Home Drive
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 10/06/2015 05:13 PM

Introducing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and the “Home Drive.”  With these two services, students, faculty, and staff can access University licensed software from anywhere with an internet connection and save their work to the campus network.  

VDI works on most platforms including Windows, Mac, Apple (iOS), and Android devices.  This means you can access the specialized software in our campus labs on whichever device works best for you.  Work created when using VDI can then be saved to your personal “Home Drive,” which is a campus managed alternative to other types of cloud storage, such as Google Drive.  With the “Home Drive,” users can save up to 2 GB of files directly to the campus network, although periodic backups to other storage sources, such as a personal flash drive, is recommended.  

The “Home Drive” is also there for emergency situations, such as a lab computer suddenly losing power.  If this happens, the automatic back-ups created by the “Home Drive” may allow Academic Computing personnel to recover your files (contact the Academic Computing Help Desk at 845-257-3597 or by submitting a support ticket at  

Good to Know:

  • You can access and view your “Home Drive” from anywhere when you are logged into VDI.
  • Any work not saved to an external storage system (Home Drive, flash drive, external hard drive, etc) will be permanently lost once the virtual desktop is closed.
  • When you have used 90% of your Home Drive storage space capacity, you will receive an alert letting you know that you are almost out of space.

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