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Technology Help When You Need It
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 04 Mar 2015 10:20 AM

We’ve all been there…. those times when our computers or devices just don’t want to do what they’re supposed to do!  When you need help spotting an issue or if you just don’t have the right tool for a job, the Academic Computing Help Desk is available to assist you. 

So, what can we help you with?  Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •          Helping you connect to the wireless network & the campus’ wireless printing
  •          Scanning and removing viruses and malware
  •          Installing (free!) antivirus software and programs
  •          Resetting passwords and reactivating disabled accounts
  •          Supporting labs and classroom instructor stations
  •          Supporting use of Hawkmail/Google accounts and related apps
  •          Providing a 24-hour-a-day support site with a searchable knowledge base

Our staff are available seven days a week (during the regular semester) to provide walk-in or phone assistance with all of the above and more (please see our website for a detailed list or give us a call to see if we can assist with your specific problem).  During off-hours, you are able to search our online knowledge base for self-service solutions, or to access our 24-hour-a-day support site, which allows you to submit a support-ticket any time of day or night and receive help during the next business day.

The Help Desk is located in Humanities 103 and students can reach the Help Desk by calling 845-257-3597 (instructors experiencing an issue with classroom technology can call x6789). So, the next time you have an unhappy computer or device, remember that the Academic Computing Help Desk is only a call… or a visit… or a support-ticket away! 

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Introducing the "Home Drive"
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 04 Mar 2015 10:14 AM

Have you ever forgotten your flash drive when working in a computer lab?  Do you need to save your work when using our VDI environment?  Have you ever accidently lost a project while working in a lab?  We have a solution to all these situations! 

You now have access to network storage (“home drive”) whenever you use one of our campus Windows computer labs (for Mac labs, the home drive is only accessible through VDI, currently) or when you work on- or off-campus in the VDI environment.  All users with a valid New Paltz username (NPCUID) and password have access to approximately 2 GB of storage in their home drive.  A few important things to note about your home drive.

  • All files saved in the home drive are private and only visible to you and the campus system administrator.
  • All files are backed up (but we still recommend periodically saving files to a thumb drive or your Google Drive as a precaution).
  • When you have used 90% of your home drive capacity, you will get an email from indicating that you have nearly reached your storage quota.

You can view your home drive by going to your start menu and clicking on “Computer” when you are on the campus network or when logged in through VDI.  Your home drive will be named with your SUNY New Paltz user-ID and it will also show as the "N:" drive.  Currently, your home drive will be the default save location for most software applications. 

The home drive project is still underway and we will keep the campus community updated as features are added to the home drive system.  If you have questions about using your home drive, please contact the Academic Computing Help Desk (; 845-257-3597), stop by our office in Humanities 103, or submit a ticket at

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Stop Hunting for that Flash Drive
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 26 Jan 2015 02:50 PM

You use your mobile device for everything else, why not printing? Once you set up your laptop, tablet, or smart phone (or all three!) for wireless printing, you'll be ready to print on the go from your favorite device.   

We support multiple forms of wireless printing, so we can offer the services that work best with your device and your personal printing needs.  To learn more about the types of wireless printing that we offer, click here to go to the wireless printing page on the ACS website

Confused about wireless printing?  Need help downloading the PaperCut client?  Not sure which type of wireless printing will work best for you?  Call or walk-in to the Academic Computing Help Desk (845-257-3597; Humanities 103) and our staff will assist you.  Or, submit a ticket to our 24 hour ticketing system and a staff member will get back to you during normal business hours.

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Introducing VDI: The Lab Software You Need, On Your Own Schedule
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 23 Jan 2015 11:37 AM
Our campus computer labs are a great resource for specialized software, a quiet workplace, and printing services, but what are your options when you have to work on a project late at night or if you only commute to campus a few days a week?  With our new VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) software, you can work with the software you need, anywhere, on your own schedule!

After you’ve downloaded the appropriate VDI client for your operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android), you can access and work on selected campus owned software from any location that has an internet connection.  If you’re ready to get started with VDI, click here to go to the VDI information page on the ACS website.  Here, you can learn more about VDI, including how to download the right client to use with your device or devices.  Give VDI a try today

Confused about VDI?  Need help downloading a client?  Not sure how to open the VDI client?  Call or walk-in to the Academic Computing Help Desk (845-257-3597; Humanities 103) and our staff will assist you.  Or, submit a ticket to our 24 hour ticketing system and a staff member will get back to you during normal business hours.    

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We're Here to Help!
Posted by Kathryn Hurd on 14 Jan 2015 04:09 PM

Need help with a computer or technology issue?  The quickest way to get assistance is to submit a ticket to the Academic Computing Help Desk (faculty in a classroom: x6789; general phone number: 845-257-3597; walk in: Humanities 103).  When you submit a ticket, your request will be logged in to our system and assigned to an appropriate member of our personnel.  The system will keep track of the progress being made on your request and will allow you to correspond with help desk staff regarding the issue.   

All you need to submit a ticket is your SUNY New Paltz username and password, so get started by going to

While you're visiting the support site, don't forget to check out our knowledge base.  The articles and tutorials that you'll find here can help you resolve common issues any time of day or night!

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